David Fridovich-Keil

I am an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. My research involves optimal control, dynamic game theory, and learning for robust autonomy.

About me

Hi there! I am an assistant professor at UT Austin’s Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley, where I worked on autonomous robotics and optimal control, and was advised by Prof. Claire Tomlin in the Hybrid Systems Lab and the Berkeley AI Research Lab. During my PhD, I was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. I did a short postdoc in the same group, followed by a year at Stanford working with Prof. Mac Schwager in the Multi-Agent Systems Lab.

Outside of research, I like to hike, play disc golf, read fantasy novels, and practice acoustic guitar.

Contact info

The best way to reach me is by email, at dfk at utexas dot edu

Research interests

I am generally interested in optimal control, dynamic games, learning for control, and robot safety. Please have a look at my PhD dissertation. While I have also worked on a number of other projects related to distributed control, reinforcement learning, and active search, some my current research interests are:


My lab website can be found here. If you are a prospective graduate student, please feel free to email me to express your interest but do understand that I may not have the bandwidth to reply quickly. If you would like to join my lab, please apply to our department’s PhD program and mention my name in your application.


Note that this website is not updated as regularly as my lab website above. Apologies for any confusion.