A simple little game engine, built from scratch.

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Why Dumbo? Dumbo is a new game engine meant for the Dumbos among us. It is designed for first for simplicity, and second for performance. It should be easy to use and develop from, and also fun to play against.

About the author

I’ve been playing chess since I was in kindergarden or so, and for the last few years I’ve been meaning to try and build my own chess engine. This is the first step – a generic framework for building game engines and a toy implementation for tic tac toe.


This repository is entirely written in C++, and is structured around the cmake cross-compilation paradigm.


The main external dependencies are just for logging and command line flags. Installation should be available from your operating system’s package manager.


Documentation is auto-generated using Doxygen and may be found here.

Build instructions

As with any other cmake build, just download the repository and from the top directory type:

mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make


To run the tic tac toe demo:

cd bin